Wall Charts – Rigging 24″w x 17″h – English


We have taken the most popular panels of our User’s Guide for Lifting Rigging Card and have magnified the individual panels to 24” x 18” wall chart size. This set of wall charts includes the following rig card panels from the pocket-size rig card. (15 separate panels)

  • The Basic Rigging Plan
  • Inspection of the Hardware and Slings (per ASME B30.9)
  • Working Load Limits and Basic Rigging Information on Shackles, Hooks, Links, Rings, Eyebolts, Swivel Hoist Rings, etc.
  • Weights & Measures, and Center of Gravity
  • Sling Capacities for Wire Rope and Grade 80/100 Chain Slings
  • Wire Rope and Chain Sling Connections, and Basic Hitches
  • Operating Practices for Slings per ASME B30.9
  • Wire Rope Clip Installation Information

Number of wall charts sets per box = 1 set of 15 panels
$76.00 includes 1 set.

15 in stock

Minimum quantity is 1
Sold in boxes of 1

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Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 19 × 1.5 in


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